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Parked Domain

What is a Parked Domain?

A parked domain is a domain name that has been registered but does not have an active website or web hosting associated with it. Instead, the domain simply points to a page containing advertisements and links for other sites. Parked domains are often used by individuals or businesses who wish to reserve a particular domain name for future use, but are not yet ready to create a website for it. They can also be used as a way of earning money through advertisements and links on their page. In some cases, parked domains may have been registered by domain name speculators who hope to resell them at a later date for a profit.

Why do I receive an email from a Parked Domain?

In some cases, you may receive an email from a parked domain. This is usually due to the domain speculator having purchased the domain and leasing it out for other companies or individuals to use as a source of income. As such, they may be sending emails to advertise their products and services on their leased domains. Such emails often contain promotional offers or links to third-party websites. It is important to remember that you should not open any email attachments or click on any links contained in these emails, as they may be malicious and lead you to a scam site. If you are unsure about the authenticity of an email from a parked domain, it's best to validate the Email further before taking any further action. Lastly, make sure to keep your anti-virus software updated and active to protect yourself against malicious attacks that may be initiated through emails sent from parked domains.

How can I detect a Parked Domain?

The best way to find out if a domain is parked is by using WhoIs Lookup. This tool allows you to search for information about any domain, including its current status. If the domain is parked, then the record should indicate this in the "Registrar" field. An indication of a parked domain is a missing MX Record. The MX Record is responsible for the Email delivery of the domain. If the MX Record is missing, the domain is not able to receive Emails.

You can also use other online tools such as DNS Lookup to check for a parked domain. If the domain is not active, then the tool should return an error message or indicate that the domain does not exist. Additionally, you can use search engine queries to see if the domain is being used in any way. If it's dormant and doesn't appear in any search results, then there's a good chance that it is parked. Finally, you can contact the registrar to find out if the domain is being used in any way.

We know that all the technical Steps are very time-consuming, so we created a tool to combine all the checks in one validation. One Important check is if the Domain of the given Email is parked. To generate more transparency if you receive the Email from a legitimate Sender or a spammer with bad intentions.

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What should I do when I've received an email from a Parked Domain?

It is highly important to be careful with Emails received from a parked domain. As there is no content associated with it, the Email could be malicious or contain links to potentially dangerous websites. We recommend that you mark the Email as Spam in your Email Client or Email Website. Next, you should delete the email, when the Email Client doesn't make it automatically. In the Background that step will tell your Email provider that this Email is Spam. When multiple spam reports come together, the sender IP will get blocked for a certain timeframe.

As an optional Step, you can think about blocking the Sender Domain in your Email Client to avoid other spam emails in the future.