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MX Lookup

MX Lookup tool looks for a given domain name for MX records. These records can be added to a DNS domain to set up a special email server for specific domains. Enter any domain to validate and verify MX records now.

What is a DNS MX record?

In 2020 nearly 466 billion people are estimated to have accessed the internet. There are currently more than 20 billion internet web pages around today. Almost every domain has its own DNS records which are mappings files that route the system to the domain-specific service. The DNS MX records are a DNS records that sends the email to the proper mail server or email provider. If the MX records exist, the mail server established an SMTP-compatible interface in compliance with its priority hierarchy.

Check multiple MX records

It's a common technique to set up multiple MX records to increase the chances that your email is delivered. For example, when it is necessary to add an additional mx record or delete MX records from a domain, you will need to complete this process until the problem has been resolved.

Performance-wise, it's a best practice to setup up multiple MX records to make sure the mail service is available even when one mail server is down. In case of downtime, the MX record with the second-lowest value will be selected.

Example MX record

MX has a record format. MX is the domain name of the record, MX is a type of record, and MX is a type MX. Time for existence (live time) is the time in seconds. The example is 1 hour. This means that if a record was updated, it will take an hour to update it. The lower the value the higher the priority of the records, the lower the number of requests the server must handle for this domain. mail.exampledomain.com is the site's address that should handle the message on the record.

Checking MX records online

The online tool performs the search, analyzes each result, and highlights the relevant elements that are sometimes hard to read in some command-line tools. There are also options for another DNS server to complete your request. The use of this tool is simple, all that you have to do is enter the Search Record in the search input and press the search button to run the MX DNS search request.

MX Lookup on Linux and Mac devices

Use the simple hosts/dest tools and local search queries. These include MacOS and Mac OS X, as well as popular Linux distributions such as Ubuntu Debian CentOS, and Red Hat. Use simple host tools or popular and powerful search tools to see local MX archives.

Checking MX records on Windows

Windows 10/10/11 & Windows Server allows you to run DNS lookups for MX records via your system local resolver by default. The DNS lookup application can look for your DNS Servers from all Windows machines.

MX Lookup Online

If you are not sure how to perform an MX Lookup on your local device, just use our free MX Lookup tool to search for the DNS records. No sign up needed.