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We gather information for the Person behind the Email address and calculate the reputation score. FOR FREE. Understanding who owns an email account is crucial when conducting a reverse email lookup.

Do you research a free email look up tool? Our service can help you uncover the identity of the sender of an inbox email. This will help you decide whether the sender is legitimate or not.

Free Email Lookup Tool

Reverse Email Lookup in the office

Our free email lookup tool can help protect you from scams. It verifies if a sender’s email address is linked to a real person. Additionally, it can improve your email marketing efforts by validating email addresses.

Reverse email searching is a great way to determine who someone is.

tart by typing the person’s email into the Search bar and clicking “Lookup Email.” Search results matching your query will appear. These results may include social media profiles or blogs associated with their email addresses. It is important to check the email syntax for validity to ensure the email address is correct and exists.

Those tools can also be helpful in this situation - type in an email and see what pops up! You might be surprised at how many people this process finds. Double-check the mailing list before you click send when sending emails to strangers.

What is Reverse Email Lookup?

A reverse Email lookup helps you find more information about the person or the company behind the domain name. Easy to implement in a pre-sending routine. Securing and verifying digital communication is crucial to ensure the authenticity of email interactions.

An Email Lookup Tool is an important part of verifying the digital identities of customers and prospects. By leveraging an extensive database, organizations can determine if emails are linked to any suspicious activities or potential fraud by conducting a search.

Thanks to modern technology and the internet, finding information about people is easier than ever. A reverse email search can quickly give users access to a wealth of public information related to their contact. Furthermore, it can help you locate an old friend or family member.

It can also provide you more information about the sender of an email. Possible to learn a lot about someone without knowing anything more than their address. You can achieve this with the right approach and some patience.

The best way to start your reverse email search is to make sure your source is reliable and credible. This will help you uncover potentially sensitive information such as criminal records or financial details. Researching before trusting a source with important information can prevent costly mistakes in the future. The reverse email lookup tool gathers data from thousands of online databases, ensuring comprehensive coverage and accuracy in the information provided.

What Does a Lookup Report Include?

We collect the email addresses from publicly available data sources in various countries. Identifying a person online by their email address is possible. This is especially true if they are active on social media, use forums, or have a website. Additionally, social media sites can be linked to email addresses, providing a rich source of personal information and data enrichment. It is important to verify the identity of the sender and mailbox for email communication to ensure secure digital interactions.

Emailsherlock provides an easy way to unlock an individual identity by simply entering their email and social network accounts. The information that is available about an individual includes:

  • Personal Details
  • Full Name
  • Contact Details
  • Residential address
  • Phone numbers
  • Public records
  • Demographic data (e.g. age, gender, marital status)
  • Social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Education History
  • Employment History
  • Court Records
  • Criminal Records

What Data can I get From Email-Lookup?

Using a person's email address to search users’ details provides access to vast amounts of relevant info, highlighting the value of this approach for gathering information about someone. Sometimes people call the process the “email background-check.” It can identify the sender, reveal personal information, and verify the email address.

A free reverse email search engine is available for users. It provides basic information such as a name, location, phone numbers, and social media accounts. Furthermore, it also supplies other contact details connected to an email address.

The free version of this service may not offer as much detail as a paid service. However, it is still an excellent starting point.

Public records may associate with the email address. If so, you can access additional information, such as criminal history. This can provide more insight. This can help you decide whether to trust the person behind that email address.

Top 6 free Reverse Lookup Methods

Some Lookup Methods can delve deeper than standard profile information, offering additional details like the employee’s phone number, IP address, or annual revenue.

While some Methods for reverse email lookup are straightforward, others demand technical expertise. However, we’re here to guide you through the process! Specific tools like 'gmail reverse email search', 'hotmail email search', and 'msn email search' are available to help identify the sender of an email and verify a given mailbox.

Shall we begin?

1. Google Search for Gmail Reverse Email Lookup

Utilize a straightforward Google search for conducting a reverse email lookup. Simply enter the email address, and the search engine will retrieve relevant information from various sources such as profile pages and public records.

Reverse Email Lookup using Google Search

Note how Google reveals not only the name and company but also the LinkedIn page of the email owner in this instance.

At times, Google may even present a picture of the email owner, accessible via the 'images' section.

2. Lookup Name via Google-Account

You have the ability to conduct a reverse email lookup by utilizing the name linked to a Google account. Follow these instructions:

Begin by opening a Google Sheet and entering the email address you intend to investigate.

Seek the Google Account Name within Google Sheets

Upon doing so, you'll receive a complete name; subsequently, proceed to search this name using Google.

Google will then display the email owner's LinkedIn profile, enabling you to ascertain the individual's professional background.

3. LinkedIn for Reverse Email Lookup

LinkedIn stands at the forefront of professional networking globally. Boasting over 900 million members across all continents, LinkedIn serves as a potent platform for conducting reverse email lookups.

Professional email addresses often adhere to specific patterns, which may vary depending on the size of the company. You can explore these patterns further here.

However, the challenge in conducting a email lookup on LinkedIn lies in identifying the company name and preferably both the first and last names of the individual.

To initiate the process, navigate to the LinkedIn search bar and input relevant information about the person, such as their first name, last name, or both.

4. Facebook for Reverse Email Lookup

Facebook, boasting nearly 3 billion monthly users, stands as the largest social media platform globally, accommodating business activities for both individuals and companies.

One approach involves entering the email address into Facebook's search bar. Note that this method will only reveal the profile of a person who has made their email and profile information public or is a friend on Facebook.

Conducting a Reverse Email Lookup on Facebook

Alternatively, the second method entails obtaining the user's first name and entering it into Facebook's search bar. Refer to this link to observe various patterns used by different companies to formulate their emails, and then ascertain the username of the email owner.

Next, input the user's name and filter the results by selecting individuals until you locate the desired person. It's worth noting that Facebook is more adept at reverse email lookups for personal emails, whereas LinkedIn excels with professional emails.

5. Domain Checker for Reverse Email Lookup

Emailsherlock Domain Checker serves as a domain checker enabling you to authenticate any domain from an email sender. Simply input the domain name from the email into the search bar. It will promptly reveal the website's status and details of the individual who registered it, including registration and expiration dates. This information is pivotal for verifying the authenticity of provided details.

It's important to recognize that scammers often furnish inconsistent information regarding the establishment of their company and website. Additionally, note that certain hosting platforms may restrict access to the website owner's information.

Host Checker for Reverse Email Lookup

6. ICANN Lookup

Much like Our Domain Check Tool, the ICANN lookup offers a means to authenticate a domain. It furnishes details regarding the registrar's name, address, and website status, including registration and expiry dates.

However, it is subject to limitations due to private information restrictions, as registrars retain the authority to redact profile data.

How Reverse Email Lookup Work?

Reverse email searches are similar to Google or Yahoo. To use them, you need to type in a person’s name. This search provides email addresses, rather than links to pages with the name. This is where the search results can be found. Additionally, verifying the identity and legitimacy of the given mailbox is crucial for securing digital communication.

Reverse Email Search searches its database of billions of emails. Matches will appear below the form field when found. This shows how many times each match occurred, providing more insight into the search results.

We have gathered data from public searches on services such as our free lookup on the website. Reverse Email Search users conducted these searches in the past few months.

Our Reverse Email Searches are based on millions of emails. This database is growing through public searches with our free reverse Email Lookups conducted by our users in recent months and years.

Why should I use Email Lookup tools?

Reverse email searching is a helpful tool. It can help you find more information about someone who has contacted you with a particular email address.

Reverse Email Lookup tools can tell you how many results match your person of interest. They also provide additional information, like social media profiles. This can give you insight into the type of person they are. Furthermore, they can show if the person has any blogs associated with them. Maintaining a clean contact list can also save you money on email sending tools by reducing the number of contacts.

Emailsherlock can help you find someone even if their email address has changed. It can help you locate the account they used to have.

The main reason using a reverse email lookup tool could differ by the context you are in.

  1. Private Users: Many users in private settings use our email lookup tool. This is to verify an email they have not had contact with before. Checking an email with an email lookup tool can help you confirm if the email address is valid. This ensures that the person behind the email is legitimate.

    We cannot guarantee accurate results for every search term. It’s simple to tell if an email was used for identity theft or phishing.
  2. Business User: often use our email lookup services. They do this to clean up their mailing lists and double-check a person’s identity based on their email address. This is especially important when a new customer places an order. It helps secure the order.

Reverse email lookup using browser extensions

A third way of doing a reverse email search is by using a web browser extension. For example, you can download the extension in the Google Chrome App Store. This allows you to reverse-search an e-mail address to find your information on the fly.

We made an extension for Google Chrome to use emailsherlock and check emails on the website you are currently on. To explore our extension, you can find more information about the emailsherlock Chrome extension here.

Email Blacklists Check

A crucial check for the integrity to identify a legitimate sender is the blacklist check. Unfortunately, the Blacklist Checks rely on the sender's IP address on the email server. Especially for free mail services like Gmail, the check doesn't say much about a specific email address. As a main result, we calculate some risk in our data analyzed for free mail addresses in our score.

In every background check tool we offer, the Blacklist Check is part of the data gathering in the background. We check with major blacklist providers and open source databases.

We are looking for any signs of malicious activity or a bad reputation associated with an IP address. Check if the system has flagged a specific IP or domain as spam in the last 24 hours. Use our Email Blacklist Tool to double-check.

Our Email Search Engine

Email Search Engine empowering the reverse lookup process

The Emailsherlock Lookup tool is powerful. You can use it to reverse search any email address. An effective way to determine who emailed someone and their location in the world. The tool also provides a technical overview for email hosts, enhancing your understanding of the sender's details.

It works by scanning billions of emails from public sources worldwide. It searches for matches with the email address you provide in your query.

The Lookup will list any matching email addresses it finds. This will give you more insight into who matches up with what you were searching for.

This data comes from reverse email searches. Users have conducted these searches over the course of many years. Additionally, our team has gained a lot of experience from this.

Our approach for our Email Lookups

For every Email Address, we build up a score to estimate the trustworthiness behind this Email address. We use different data sources to get as many views on the Email addresses as possible. With our Emailsherlock-Score, we can communicate if the person behind the email is trustworthy. You can find and download our app from our site.

On top of all the public sources we analyze technical data like the email server configuration with our DNS Lookup Tool, having a close eye on the used technologies of the given Email-Host. With that we share a objective status of the trustworthiness of an Email Host and deliver the data to our scoring Model.

Based on all public data sources we calculate our Emailsherlock-Score.

However, it is crucial for us to provide you with tools to remove your data from our platform. As an overview, we wrote a general Guide How to Remove Personal Information from the Internet. To remove your data from our platform, please consider using our Optout Tool.

Most searched Email Hosts of the last 7 days

# Email Host Host Type Percent of searches
1 gmail.com Freemail 23.87 %
2 hotmail.com Freemail 4.83 %
3 yahoo.com Freemail 4.71 %
4 webmail.ru 3.96 %
5 mail.ru Freemail 3.53 %
6 yandex.ru Freemail 1.92 %
7 aol.com Freemail 1.68 %
8 outlook.com Freemail 0.85 %
9 mail15.com 0.75 %
10 muchomail.com 0.57 %

The result is as of 07/17/2024 12:00 am


For your specific field of data, the best provider is the provider with a data set for the person you are searching for. We prepared a List of our Top 3. Start your own search and select your own "best provider"

Yes, there are several services to search for somebody by Email Address. In most cases, it's extremely hard to reverse-search somebody because there are a lot of data points involved.

We recommend using a service provider for email reverse search. These services charges a small fee.

You can start your reverse search by googling the email address. In some cases, you will find the first results with that technique. Especially for private email addresses you won't find results on Google.

In that case, you can use a service provider in that Area. Often the services have a fee. But you will receive your information.

The service provider searches the internet and social networks for data. They search for relations between email addresses, phone numbers, and names. That means that the service provider is dependent on the good quality of their own database.

In many cases, you will find additional data when you use the service provider email lookup provider. But not in each and every case. Good Providers will tell you up-front if they can offer data for your request.

As far as we know no provider offers the reverse search for free. Building massive databases to offer email reverse searches takes a lot of effort. That's why there is no free service.

To save some dollars you can start your search on Google or Facebook. Maybe you find the first results with that approach.

Reverse Phone Lookup searches for a person's identity using their phone number. This search involves looking for specific information about the owner of a phone number. This includes their name, address, and email address. Sources can include public records, social media, and other online sources.

Yes, you can use Reverse Email Lookup to find someone's current address. Search public records and other online sources. This may help you locate the owner's current address related to their email address.

When evaluating the quality of an email address for a lookup, you need to consider several factors. Consider the age, domain, and verification of an email address when evaluating its reliability. All these are important in determining the reliability of the email address.

A reliable email lookup service must have a strong evaluation system to check the quality of email addresses. This guarantees the accuracy and dependability of the results.

You can use Reverse Email Lookup to find information about someone with an email address. You can find someone's name, address, phone number, and social media profiles by checking public records and online sources. Additionally, you can discover other public records associated with their email address.

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