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Check Email Blacklist:
How to check and what to do if you are black

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Why is my email address blacklisted?

The most obvious case is by sending spam emails. In most cases, this happens because of shared IP sending services, caused by hackers or accidentally by yourself. Any email address that has been spammed can get on a blacklisting list. This happens at the server level and prohibits that email from being sent to certain IP addresses or entire regions of the world.

How do I check my IP?

Use our IP Blacklist Checker Tool to find out if your IP is blacklisted without entering an Email address in the above empty box. Our tool checks your IP and marks it in red with a text description in case it's blacklisted. Sometimes, when you enter an invalid input, you'll be redirected to a captcha that asks for human input.

Use clean emails to avoid blacklisting

One of the most important things about email is this: spam = bad. Spam is a digital, electronic form of junk mail that can be sent in bulk. It's usually unsolicited and consists of adverts from those with something to sell.

On the other hand, the email could be marked as spam when there are keywords words or structures in the email contents which would lead to spam detection for ISP. The provider would then hand over the information to email blacklists. That's why we recommend keeping your emails and newsletters clean and not overdo your keywords. That's the best strategy to avoid blacklisting

What is DNSBL?

DNSBL stands for Domain Name System Blacklist. It is a system to check emails against blacklists of spam-sending sources so that the receiving server can reject them or accept them. DNSBL is the most common IP blacklist lookup because it's very reliable and fast.

How does email checking work?

Email providers have email blacklists based on DNSBL, which checks the sender's IP address and compares it against several IP blacklists from different organizations. If there are any matches, it will be marked as spam, and your email won't reach anyone's inboxes. This is how many legitimate emails get caught in a spam trap and end up in a bulk folder.

Why does blacklisting occur?

There can be many reasons for blacklisting: viruses, malicious emailers, and spammers. You may end up on a spam blacklist if you send bulk emails (a number of messages to more than one person at a time) without prior permission, send invalid content in your email campaign, use misleading language promoting illegal activities in your message, etc. Blacklisting happens when ISPs start noticing odd activity related to your IP addresses.

What does blacklisting an IP address mean?

When a sending IP address is blacklisted, it means that the ISP has sent some notices about the email sender or there are several complaints from customers due to sending of spam messages. If such a notice is received, your domain will be added as an IP address blacklisted and mail servers will reject emails from this specific origin.

What should I do if my email is blacklisted?

First of all you should check if your server or your sending service had unauthorized use. For example, because of misconfiguration or a hacked account.

Secondly, you can check if the last mailings have a higher density of critical keywords for spam detections services.

In the case of blacklisting, you should change the sending mail server IP address to bypass blacklisting, when possible. Only with non-listed IP addresses, you can make sure that your emails and newsletters can be received by your recipients.

How long does blacklisting last?

There are several types of blacklisting, and each has its duration - from less than an hour up to three months. In some cases, ISP may remove your email address completely from their spam blacklists after a specific period of time without complaints about spam messages being sent using these emails.

If a message is rejected by a receiver, it usually takes up to seven days for the message to be removed from the server.

How do I check the email blacklist database with Emailsherlock?

To check out if your email is blacklisted, enter it in the search form above and press 'Check Blacklists'.

Emailsherlock has a huge spam blacklist of servers used by spammers, so you can be sure that you won't find any false positives with our tool. Emails that are not recognized as spam will be sent straight to your inbox.